Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti

  • Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti is a non-profit organization, founded in 1994 in effort to address the deplorable living conditions for many families and children in Haiti.

    After the earthquake in 2010, tens of thou-sands of children lost their parents, left to live in extreme poverty—unable to attend school, constantly exposed to hunger and disease. Often these children went to live with other family who abused or neglected them. Voice opened the orphanage to provide a safe and nurturing home for these children

  • Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti (VCCH) is a non-profit organization. VCCH was originally founded in 1994 to address the deplorable conditions of families and children living in Haiti. In 2010, an earthquake devastated Haiti, resulting in many deaths and loss of homes and crippling infrastructure. Some children lost one or both parents and some parents could not longer care for their children.

  • Thank you for your interest in helping our orphanage. There are multiple ways you can help out.

    Funding the building of a well

    Our current project is building a well on our new site. This will cost $7550.00 (USD). In order to start building the well, we need a $2500.00 deposit. Completion could be a few days to a few weeks so we need to have the cash on hand before we commit to start. Please prayerfully consider helping to bring water to the future home of these children.