Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti (VCCH)

Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti (VCCH) is a non-profit organization. VCCH was originally founded in 1994 to address the deplorable conditions of families and children living in Haiti. In 2010, an earthquake devastated Haiti, resulting in many deaths and loss of homes and crippling infrastructure. Some children lost one or both parents and some parents could not longer care for their children. It is a very heart-breaking situation and at VCCH, we are trying to bring hope, joy, and the every-day living necessities to some of these children.

Please considering helping VCCH in accomplishing our mission to help these children. You can help by donating to our organization and if you so choose, by visiting the orphanage. VCCH is different than most organizations, in that 100% of what is donated goes directly toward helping the children. Any administrative costs, trips, etc are independently funded. Our priorities are as follows:

  • Food
  • School
  • Clean water
  • Healthcare
  • Rent
  • Future - building a "village". Currently, the village land has been bought, a wall has been built to secure the land, trees have been planted, and a well has been dug up and is undergoing water testing. It is our goal that one day this village can be self-sustainable by selling bread from a bakery.

You can set up a reoccurring monthly donation to sponsor a child's food, school, or other needs, or make a one-time donation. You can specify what you would like the donation to go towards, as well.