Vehicle for our orphanage needed

Haiti Orphanage Transportation Need

VCCH (Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti) is an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Currently we care for 42 children.

Through all of our struggles trying to ensure we have enough food and paying for health care for the children, we now have a vehicle that is no longer able to be used.

We are asking friends and social media for someone to donate a used passenger van to the orphanage. After we have a vehicle, we will ensure its in excellent condition and ship it to Haiti to be used for the daily operations. Daily uses are taking children to school, transporting food and supplies from the stores and markets and taking children to appointments and other requirements.

If we can not get a donation we will need to purchase one. In Haiti vehicles are priced very high and the condition is poor. In the US vehicles are in various conditions and reasonably priced.  Based on our research and the vehicle listed below we are looking to have $20,000.00 available to us to purchase and ship a vehicle to Haiti.

Here is a Sample Advertisement of as vehicle we are watching.

2006 Ford 15 Passenger Van $15,995.00
26K Miles, Excellent Condition

Shipping to Haiti: $125.00 - $135.00 per Foot of Vehicle
Average Van Length’s 18’-21’ Estimate: $3000.00

Having a vechicle is critical to providing support to the orphanage. Please consider making a donation today, every little bit helps.

Please visit or contact Jake Walton (315-767-4941) to make a donation.

Picture of Van (We would like to purchase)Picture of Van (We would like to purchase)