Jean Claude Belizaire

The Director

Brother B
My name is Jean Claude Belizaire (Brother B), I was born in the Valley of Artibonite in the Village of Coupon. I was raised by my grand mother since I was seven (7) months old under the supervision of my father. I did not have an easy life. My journey began when I was 15 years old when my father forsaken me and my  grand mother  was well advanced in age,  she could  no longer care  and provide  for me. My youth cycle was not a joyful one. It was at that time when I experienced pains, suffering, hunger, anger and lack of the most basic things that I needed to survive.

There was one man who came to make a big difference in my life, Dr Julian M. Strauss, he was an American that I met at Albert Schweitzer Hospital in my village who sent me back to school to complete my secondary school. Later one, provided for me to go to Agricultural school. As years passed by, Dr Strauss returned to Haiti for a short period of time. Before he went back to the State, I met with him in his office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he asked me to make him a promise and said: "Where ever you maybe or go, remember to return to Haiti to help other children because the needs will be greater than now".

I came to the United States of America in September 1971; I accomplished a lot of things. In 1982 I became to know the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior; it was a turning point in my life. Three years later, I founded a Community based non-profit organization in Brooklyn New York to help fellows Haitian Immigrants providing services they needed to survive in their new Land, services such as: English as a Second Language, After school program, Day care centers, Youth development delinquency program, family preventive program, domestic violence, drug rehabilitation Program. All that began in a small room 8x8, in the Church basement where I was a member and with strong Support of my former pastor. The Lord was on my side despite obstacles that I overcame five locations were Opened to provide services to the community at large. All the programs were funded by Private Foundations, the State and the City of New York. May the good Lord continue to bless America and the people.

After 25 years of services, recognize that I am not getting any younger it is time for me to return to my home land to fulfill and to keep my promise. I rejoice to see that young men and young women who attended Voice Elementary school in my village are now Doctors, Engineer, plumber, electrician and teachers; to my greatest satisfaction four of them are now teaching at Community School of Hope in the orphanage. I also rejoice to see that people come to know the Lord and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, worshiping Him in the Church built in my Village by voice of the children of Haiti.

Today, I give God thanks for this great opportunity to be part of His work, Glory to His name. I would like also to take time  to thank all who have touched my life one way or another. I thank also my family, my wife and my children for their support in time of distress with words of encouragement.I thank you my friends and specially my Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have been sharing their love and Support to Voice of the children of Haiti. Together, you and I, we can continue to work together to build the Village of Hope for the orphans. One day we will all stand together in ONE VOICE; we will give thanks to our Lord and Glorify to His Majesty.